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Former Liverpool co- acclaimed Tiger club.

sbobet see Vicente Lisa Rasul , a former left-back World Series championship of the French national team. A former champion with the club for many large " Tiger " Bayern Munich is regarded as the agency of his best club in the world. 

"In the past, sbobet  have watched him play for this club. We can grab the Bundesliga champions Liga. UEFA Champions League Cup , including the World Club Championship with. I am honored you very much " .

sbobet see Lisa Rasul at the age of 44 years old to remain with the team , " Tiger" Bayern Munich in 1997 before the year he won the World Championship with the French national team he is on. team Bayern in Champions League Championship series in 2001 and is one of the penalty , the team was crowned champion . He played for the French national team to reach 97 games , scoring 2 goals together. 

sbobet expected that in the meantime, Paulo Sergio past, the penetration of the " Tiger" Bayern Munich went out to the pool as the previous game, Bayern Munich will play . club World cup match commentary sbobet. 

sbobet feel proud that I was once playing for Bayern Munich , I still remember the atmosphere in the Champions League and Club World Cup after the game , we win the World Club Boca . Of Argentina to the fans shouted that Bayern is the number 1 in the world " .

sbobet believe that Paulo Sergio , now 44 years old is Lisa Rasul , he came to Bayern Munich last year, from 1999 to 2002 and helped the team win . UEFA Champions League in 2001 , he was the penalty shoot- first team , but he shot out, but in the end, Oliver Kahn, legendary players of Bayern one person could Penalty well . the team recovered to beat Valencia in Spain, the excitement during the shootout. 

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Milan Abbiati announced to release not to renew it hang gloves.

sbobet watched goalkeeper Christian Abbiati of AC Milan veteran forward has publicly announced that he would renew his contract with the team . However , depending on AC Milan to renew a contract with somebody, but if AC Milan do not want him to renew sbobet then it will stop playing after this season . 

I like sbobet clamping , 36 , reputed to be very loyal to the club . After the club , more than 300 games and can win . Scuba decidedly Otto has three Champions League titles and one contemporary .

sbobet expected " to play this season. I do not like that at age 37 still has injury problems bother him. But if a club that wants me to stay I will stay , but if the club says that 's enough , I would stop at the end of this season . And can not play more then. It is no more Earlier, I used to say that more than 90 percent chance I'll stop playing it. If you do not receive a contract from AC Milan " Christian Abbiati , 36, revealed to be synonymous with sbobet . 

sbobet that Christian Abbiati as goaltender fans of AC Milan because he is a loved one . Milan since 1998 without moving the team. Although the team will not leave AC Milan on loan out to three times with team Juventus in 2005-2006 , 2006-2007 Torino and Atletico Madrid in the year 2007-2008 also . he also had four games with the Italian national team in 2003-2005 , but then he dropped a Lua long because rarely get more chances in the club as they should . Ideas as well as sbobet 

sbobet believe that noble Lord Inquiry that he had with Milan include the Championship Serie A Serie A three times , Coppa Italia 1 time , Super Coppa Italia 2 times and the UEFA Champions League 1 . in the year 2002-2003 , including the Super Cup in the same year. 

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Wilshire urged friends via sbobet not win , let me repeat .

Dashing midfielder Jack Wilshere 's "fucking cannon" Arsenal. Lockdown urged his teammates to keep trying to keep the play out regularly. And to keep going until the success I have. Unlike games that can attack to beat Cardiff City to place it.

sbobet commented that "fucking guns " Arsenal . Before you start the game in the already pressured situation . After the " Blues " Manchester City can beat the unbeaten team, "White Swan" Swansea have the team of Manuel Agnelli grip as this is up to the crowd temporarily. Before Arsenal will be played .

And in the game against Arsenal, Cardiff and Arsenal went scoreless in the final game of Nicklas Bendtner and Theo Michael Popham allows them to reclaim the crowd quickly.

" Nicklas Bendtner can score excellent. That is the result of hard work in training on his own. And showed us all that the spiritual heart is just fantastic , "said Wilshere. Comment by sbobet

sbobet think " the fans are fantastic . They always do that , we would have scored or not. He did not get to it all. And in the end , it took three points back home. They are very happy indeed infinite " .

"We're seeing a little bit of pressure on Manchester City , Chelsea and Liverpool victory before us down the field. It makes us realize that We have to go down to defeat only " .

"And as long as we win, and so on. We are not to think that the other team will be cursing funny how " feisty midfielder Jack Wilshere revealed his  sbobet